Add Business Intelligence to your SharePoint lists

The increasing adoption of SharePoint as an intuitive collaboration platform for users has spread business data over multiple sites and lists. At the same time, this has created the need to report and aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and lists to further increase the business value of this data.

Enesys RS Data Extension provides a solution to this demand by extending "Microsoft Reporting Services" and by letting you query (retrieve, join, merge,...) data and build reports from any SharePoint lists.


Design your query using our Visual Query Designer

Enesys RS Data Extension lets you build sophisticated queries over your SharePoint lists by using a Visual Query Designer that is completely integrated into Business Intelligence Development Studio. It supports many features that will let you get the most of your SharePoint data.

  • Support for specific SharePoint features like folders, recurring events, meeting instances, multi-value columns
  • Support for single and multi-values report's parameters
  • Roll up list's items within an entire site collection

Build your report with Microsoft Report's designer

No need to learn a new tool. Build your report using Microsoft's Report Designer and take advantage of its numerous features.

  • Sophisticated layout that lets you build dashboard views easily
  • Report's expression and interactive features
  • Extensive 2D and 3D charts and gauges controls
  • Flexible export features: Word, PDF, XML,...

Share your report for immediate availability to all users

Once your report is ready, it is only one click away from being available to all users.

With Reporting Services installed in SharePoint Integration mode, your reports are directly available within your sites.

Besides making it possible to provide live reports to users, Enesys RS Data Extension is also the perfect solution for solving business problems, by integrating and computing data from multiple lists, that would otherwise need the development of custom applications.


Sample Reports Gallery

Click on a thumbnail to display the report. The complete set of reports built over Microsoft Sales Lead Pipeline site template is available for downloading and ready to use.

Try it now!

You don't need a report server installation in order to test Enesys RS Data Extension.

Microsoft's Report Designer installed on your workstation is all you need to build and preview reports. It can be installed from SQL Server Installation CD by selecting Business Intelligence Development Studio.

Once it is installed, run Enesys RS Data Extension installation program, run the client configuration tool and you are ready to build reports over your SharePoint lists.


See it in Action

The following screen cast will show you the basics of creating reports using data from SharePoint lists.

ERSDE In Action