The perfect solution for integrating and transforming data from your SharePoint lists. Enesys IS Data Extension lets you leverage all the power of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services with your SharePoint Data.


Enesys IS Data Extension is a Data Source component for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services that lets you build enterprise-level data integration and transformation from your SharePoint data.

Enesys IS Data Extension lets you build sophisticated queries over any SharePoint list.

It provides a Visual Query Designer that is completely integrated within Visual Studio.

Enesys IS Data Extension uses the same query engine and designer as Enesys RS Data Extension. It is not a replacement for our Reporting Services extension. We are convinced that reporting live on SharePoint data is the best approach for many scenarios. Enesys IS Data Extension is the ideal companion product when you need to deal with very large data sets or when you need to integrate SharePoint data to a common Data Warehouse.


Support for specific SharePoint features

SharePoint lists are not just plain tables. Lists can have folders, multi-value fields, recurring events,... That's part of the magic that makes SharePoint lists quite powerfull.

  • Recurring events

    SharePoint recurring events are stored using a specific recurrence rule. Enesys IS Data Extension will generate the necessary occurences for you.

  • Folders

    You can extract items within all folders or you can specify the desired folder. You can also retrieve all items recursively starting from a specific folder.

  • Multi-value columns

    When extracting items that contain columns with multiple values (lookup, choice, users,...), you can have each item broke down into multiple items in order to have only one value per item.

  • Meeting instances

    Lists within a meeting workspace contain items for all occurences of the meeting. With Enesys IS Data Extension, you can specify the meeting instance for which you would like to retrieve items.

  • Item versions

    You can retrieve all versions or a specific number of versions of your items.

Merge multiple lists

You can merge multiple lists that share common columns using a single operation.

You just need to create a SharePoint list that will contain the name and path of the lists that need to be merged.

Roll up list items in an entire site collection

Enesys IS Data Extension lets you merge list items within an entire site collection based on a specific list's name.

If you have a list named "Project" in several sub-sites, you can merge all items from all lists named "Project" located in all sub-sites. You don't need to change your query when you add or remove sub-sites. Enesys IS Data Extension will enumerate all sites and merge all items from available lists.

Apply operation to lists

Enesys IS Data Extension lets you use SQL SELECT Clauses to further manipulate your SharePoint lists.

List Synchronization

Enesys IS Data Extension includes a specific data flow source component that can be used to synchronize data beteween a SharePoint list and a Data Table.

After the initial full synchronization, keeping up to date a 500 000 items SharePoint list will usually take a minute or so depending on the number of changes that took place since the last synchronization.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Centric

You don't have to install anything on your SharePoint server. Enesys IS Data Extension is installed as an Integration Services component.