The perfect solution for creating powerful yet inexpensive business solutions by integrating data from multiple SharePoint lists. Enesys RS Data Extension lets you leverage all the power of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services with your SharePoint Data.


"Enesys' RS data extension has gone far above and beyond the built-in SharePoint Lists datasource type in SSRS. It has allowed me to produce reports in SSRS for clients that would just not have been possible through other means. This has greatly helped increase positive user adoption of SharePoint as a whole.

The support has been top-notch and timely as well."

Charles Iribar
Iribar Consulting Inc.

"We purchased ERSDE several years ago to enable reporting on SharePoint list data. The support for multiple lists and for joining list metadata with SQL tables has been crucial to our ablity to satisfy complex reporting requirements. The product is robust, easy to install and use, and it's integration with SSRS is perfect. The low cost of purchase and extremely responsive support makes it a rare value. And the frequent updates and enhancements keep making the product better and better.

Highly recommended."

John E Egan
Large public health agency

"Enesys RS Data Extension has been a fantastic tool for us and our clients in accelerating the development of SharePoint based Business Intelligence applications. It's easy to use yet very powerful and cost effective.

If you need to build reports on data in SharePoint, Enesys RS Data Extension should certainly be considered."

Paul Conheady
Project Manager
Central Solutions

"A fantastic way to bring SharePoint to life and help bring together data from different sources in MS Reporting Services.

A well thought-out design and very user friendly."

Steve Griffin
SP Cloud Ltd

"We needed a way to take advantage of our data locked in SharePoint. Enesys RS Data Extension has been a fantastic product for us and has opened up a lot of new development in our SharePoint environment.

The software is easy to configure, easy to use, and sales and support at Enesys is great."

Micheal Goodwin
Information Technologies Administrator
Broussard & Company

"Our Program Management Office was in search of a way to standardize our reports. We decided to go the route of using SQL Server Reporting Services to query our project management system. The PM system isn’t easy to use so many people preferred to use SharePoint to track things such as milestones or tasks. We ended up creating a site template with the lists that we want to report on.

Once we implemented the site templates we noticed it would be more difficult than it should be to query SharePoint information. Then we stumbled upon Enesys RS Data Extension and it offered most of everything we were looking for. The great part about Enesys is if the product didn’t have features we needed the support team would make sure those features would get added into the next build without any additional charges to us.

We never had direct contact with the developers but didn’t need it because the support team always solved any issues we were having (mostly user errors). I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a simple way to create reports from SharePoint data. You can even join SharePoint data from to other data sources such as our project management system."

Colin Moloney
Manager of Information Technology
The Walt Disney Company

"A year and a half ago I volunteered to undertake a project that would support the collection of certain data associated with the rollout of a new version of our Kronos Workforce Management offerings. While SharePoint was an easy choice for the data repository, using it presented a challenge when it came to meeting the wide variety of reporting requirements associated with the project. The Enesys RS Data Extension tool proved to be a wonderful solution to those reporting challenges. Not only is it effective at unlocking access to the valuable data stored on our SharePoint sites, it is also fairly easy to use. You don't have to be a developer or hardcore programmer. Anyone with basic report writing experience can be up and running on it fairly quickly.

Following my initial experience, Enesys was adopted across our company and continues to help us unlock and utilize valuable SharePoint data. The number of reports created to date is in the thousands, and continues to grow daily.

In addition to finding Enesys a very effective tool, my experience with their Support organization has also been great. Whenever I do find the need to request assistance, Frederic, Marien, and team always provide a prompt and thorough response. Often times, in addition to providing the needed answers, they go above and beyond by offering alternative approaches and more efficient ways to accomplish something. I really do appreciate that!"

Bill Mulcahy
Corporate Account Manager
Kronos, Inc.

"Just wanted to mention how fantastic the new version (3.3) of RS Data Extension is, integrating the query builder into visual studio makes things so much simpler.

I think this really adds significantly to the usability of the product, well done!"

Martin Norgrove
BI Developer

More Information

Enesys RS Data Extension in Action

This screencast shows how to build a report from scratch using data from a room reservation application built around a few SharePoint lists.


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