Enesys RS Data Extension 3.9 released

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Posted by: host 5/21/2013 5:25 PM

We are pleased to announce the release of Enesys RS Data Extension 3.9. This new version includes features like SharePoint 2013 compatibility, SSDT for Visual Studio 2012 compatibility, …

SharePoint 2013 Compatibility

Enesys RS Data Extension is now compatible with SharePoint 2013. It can be installed in SharePoint Integration Mode, is available as a data source type and will use SharePoint object model (unless you configure it another way).

Data Source configuration under SharePoint 2013.

Visual Studio 2012 Shell Compatibility

When it was initially released, SQL Server 2012 Data and Business Intelligence Tools (formerly known as BIDS and renamed to SSDT) were running under Visual Studio 2010 shell. For those not used to this usual visual studio shell shift, this could be somewhat confusing due to the 2012 naming.

Earlier this year, Microsoft released SQL Server Data Tools and Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012 (see blog announcement).

Enesys RS Data Extension 3.9 is now compatible Visual Studio 2012 shell version.

Both Shell versions can be installed side by side. Therefore, Enesys RS Client Configuration will distinguish each version by specifying the Shell being used like shown in the following screen shot:

Enesys RS Client Configuration tool - SSDT 2012 for both VS 2010 and VS 2012 shell are configured.

Report using Enesys RS Data Extension data source within Visual Studio 2012 shell:

Visual Studio 2012 Shell - Reporting Services Report Designer

Support for Multi-Value Parameters within the Query Designer

Even though Enesys RS Data Extension queries support multi-value parameters (using “IN” clause either at the list level or within a SqlQuery statement), it was only possible to pass a single parameter values when previewing (executing) the query within the query designer:

Filtering using a multi-value parameter.

This is not really a big concern if you consider that you can preview the report within the report designer and therefore pass multiple values through regular report execution (which is often easier if your report parameter get its values from another query).

running a report that uses a multi-value parameter.

However to make it easier to test an individual query, it is now possible to pass multiple values directly within the query designer by using a comma to separate each value like shown in the following screen shot:

Entering parameter values when running a query within the query designer.

Multi-value Lookup and Projected Fields

Starting from SharePoint 2010, it is possible to select additional fields in a lookup target list (a projection). Amongst other things, you will be able to display (through views) those fields as if they were part of your list.

Lookup Fields projection.

When expanding a multi-value lookup column (see the screen shot below) – meaning breaking down multiple values into single value by duplicating each item as if you were doing a join between the item and the lookup values - , Enesys RS Data Extension 3.8 and earlier will just duplicate projected fields value like with any other fields instead of retrieving the value that matches the single lookup value.

Expland multi-values column.

Enesys RS Data Extension 3.9, provides support for projected fields and will automatically extract the single value that matches the lookup value item.

Projected Fields are properly expanded in Enesys RS Data Extension 3.9.

Send Technical Data and Error Log the Easy Way

Because Enesys RS Data Extension supports Reporting Services 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 as well as SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, it’s always tricky for the support team to get the necessary customer configuration information without trying to guess or exchanging several emails.

In order to make things much easier in that area, Enesys RS Client Configuration and Enesys RS Server Configuration tools now offer an option to prepare technical data and error log information in a zip file that can be sent to our support.

Enesys RS Client Configuration - Save Debug Info.

When clicking on Save Debug Info button you will be proposed to specify the name of a zip file that will contain various files that will provide our support valuable information for providing assistance (error log and configuration data).

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