The perfect solution for creating powerful yet inexpensive business solutions by integrating data from multiple SharePoint lists. Enesys RS Data Extension lets you leverage all the power of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services with your SharePoint Data.

Enesys RS Data Extension is a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service Extension that lets you build reports from SharePoint lists data (MOSS 2007, WSS V3 & SharePoint 2010).

Enesys RS Data Extension lets you build sophisticated queries for joining, aggregating and rolling up data from any SharePoint list as well as document libraries and Infopath form libraries metadata.

Its complete integration with Reporting Services lets you leverage all the power of Microsoft's reporting platform: SharePoint integration, multiple formats rendering (Word, PDF, Excel, ...), subscribing to reports that can be delivered through email or directly into SharePoint libraries,...

The power of Enesys RS Data Extension queries combined with Microsoft Reporting Services SharePoint integration features let's you replace advantageously custom web part developments.

Getting Started

Enesys RS Data Extension in Action

This screencast shows how to build a report from scratch using data from a room reservation application built around a few SharePoint lists.

Evaluating Enesys RS Data Extension

You can easily evaluate Enesys RS Data Extension without installing a Report Server. This article provides comprehensive information for conducting your evaluation.


    Unlock your SharePoint Data with Reporting Services Power

    You don't have to learn a new tool to build stunning reports. Enesys RS Data Extension is completely integrated to Reporting Services in order to provide you with the perfect tool to join, aggregate and share your SharePoint Data. Its integrated Query Designer provides an innovative approach to match SharePoint lists data features.

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    Support SharePoint Lists Features

    SharePoint lists are not just plain tables: they can have folders, multi-value fields, choice columns, recurring events, item versions, survey lists ... That's part of the magic that makes SharePoint lists quite powerful. Enesys RS Data Extension offers a solution to query data at the SharePoint conceptual level while offering the flexibility of a full-fledge query language.

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    Advanced Features

    Enesys RS Data Extension provides advanced features that will turn your reports into real applications. You can dynamically aggregate lists from an entire site collection. You can merge an arbitrary set of lists. You can join your SharePoint lists with data from SQL Server databases, Oracle databases or Web Services. By using SQL SELECT syntax, you can re-arrange the data in your SharePoint lists to fit the specific needs of your reports.

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    Credentials, SharePoint Permissions and Authentication

    Enesys RS Data Extension honors SharePoint permissions. It uses your report credentials settings to access SharePoint data. Moreover, Enesys RS Data Extension supports access to SharePoint Web Application configured in Forms Based Authentication type.

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"Enesys' RS data extension has gone far above and beyond the built-in SharePoint Lists datasource type in SSRS. It has allowed me to produce reports in SSRS for clients that would just not have been possible through other means. This has greatly helped increase positive user adoption of SharePoint as a whole.

The support has been top-notch and timely as well."

Charles Iribar
Iribar Consulting Inc.
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