The perfect solution for creating powerful yet inexpensive business solutions by integrating data from multiple SharePoint lists. Enesys RS Data Extension lets you leverage all the power of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services with your SharePoint Data.

Edition Comparison

Enesys RS Data Extension is available in three different editions. The following table shows the features included in the various editions. You can use this as a guide to determine the edition that is most suitable for your needs.

Note that Enesys IS Data Extension, our new extension for SQL Server Integration Services, is available as part of the Standard and Enterprise editions of Enesys RS Data Extension.

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Group EditionStandard EditionEnterprise Edition

An unlimited number of users that work for your company can run reports that use Enesys RS Data Extension as a data source.

Servers and CPU

Enesys RS Data Extension license is tied to a report server.

The Group Edition can be installed on one report server with 2 CPU max.

The Standard Edition can be installed on one server with 4 CPU max.

The Enterprise Edition can be installed on any number of servers within one company. There is no limit on the number of CPU for each server.

Dual-Core and Quad-Core processors count as one CPU. In case you are using Virtual Machines, please read the following article for important information.

1 Server / 2 CPU1 Server / 4 CPUUnlimited Servers and CPU

A developer is a user building a report using either Business Intelligence Development Studio (Visual Studio) or Report Builder.

SharePoint Servers

With a single license, you can report over multiple SharePoint servers owned and used by your company.

Support and Upgrades

All licenses include a one year support. Technical support is offered through our forum or by email.

The Group Edition license, includes a 48h guaranteed response time.

The Standard Edition license, includes a 24h guaranteed response time.

The Enterprise Edition includes a 12h guaranteed response time. Support may also be provided through GotoMeeting sessions for the Enterprise Edition.

48h response time Mon-Fri, forum - email24h response time Mon-Fri, forum - email12h response time Mon-Fri, forum - email - GotoMeeting

By purchasing a license you are eligible to receive all major and minor versions released within one year starting from the purchase date.

1 Year1 Year1 Year
Query Features
Query Designer

A query designer integrated to Business Intelligence Development Studio let's you build queries graphically.

Lists, Document Libraries, InfoPath Forms,...

Retrieve items from any SharePoint lists:

  • Lists,
  • Document libraries metadata,
  • InfoPath forms published fields,
Multiple values columns

Enesys RS Data Extension allows you to break down an item that contains multiple-values columns (lookup, choice, Person or groups) into multiple items that will contain only one value in such column. You can therefore easily have reports grouping on such columns.

Recurring Events

Occurrences of Recurring events are automatically generated from recurrence definition. However, you can decide however to retrieve events without expanding their occurrences.

Item Version

Enesys RS Data Extension let's you retrieve item versions.


Enesys RS Data Extension has extensive support for folders. It lets you query items into a specific folder, within a folder and its sub-folders or without taking account any folder.

HTML Tags stripping

Enesys RS Data Extension can automatically strip HTML tags from SharePoint Rich text fields. This feature is especially useful with Reporting Services 2005 which has no support for displaying HTML tags.

Meeting Instances

Support for retrieving items for all meeting instances or from a specific instance.

Roll Up Items

Roll up list items within an entire site collection. No need to specify each site. The query will dynamically deal with any sub-sites that exist at execution time.

Merge Lists

Merge multiple lists from multiple site collections.

Join, Union, Group,...

Use SQL SELECT statement to further manipulate both your SharePoint lists and external data.

Survey Lists

Enesys RS Data Extension provides specific features for retrieving data from a Survey List in a format that is suitable for reporting (as opposed to the raw list data). We are also providing a well designed generic report that can be used with any Survey List.

InfoPath Libraries

Enesys RS Data Extension specific support for InfoPath Form Libraries lets you build reports using any fields from your InfoPath Form. You are not limited to fields promoted as SharePoint fields.

External Data Integration
SQL Server Data

Join and merge SQL Server data with SharePoint data by querying directly over your SQL Server data bases.

Oracle Data

Join and merge Oracle data with SharePoint data by querying directly over your Oracle data bases.

XML Data (new in v3.1)

Integrate external XML data into your query.

Query SharePoint administrative data
Site Collection

Provide detailed information about sites and sites collection.

Site Permissions

Provides details on permissions for a site or a set of sites.

Site Columns

Provides details about Site Columns definitions.

Content Types

Provides detailed information about Site's content types.

Site Collection Groups

Provides detailed information about the SharePoint groups within a site collection.

List Collection

Provide detailed information about lists available in a site or a set of sites.

List Permissions

Provides detailed information about the permissions defined at the list level.

List Columns

Provide information about list's columns definition.

SharePoint Authentication
Windows Authentication

Support for web applications configured with Windows Authentication type.

Forms Based Authentication (new in v3.5)

Support for Web Applications configured with Forms Based Authentication.

SQL Server Integration Services Components
Enesys IS Data Extension

Standard and Enterprise Editions of Enesys RS Data Extension include a license of Enesys IS Data Extension, our extension for SQL Server Integration Services.

Note that the Standard Edition license, will allow you to run both products providing that both products are installed on the same server. This limitation does not apply to the Enterprise Edition.

Query Designer and Features

Enesys IS Data Extension source component for Integration Services provide a query designer and features similar to what is available with Enesys RS Data Extension. You can therefore build complex queries to retrieve items from SharePoint that can participate to your Integration Services pipeline.

Synchronization Components

Enesys IS Data Extension also offer a specific source and destination component that makes it possible to synchronize a SharePoint list with a SQL Server table.

 Group EditionStandard EditionEnterprise Edition
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Price ...
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$9 200 / €6 600

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Maintenance ...
Included in the initial purchase - for subsequent years only.
$330 / €220$660 / €440$2 300 / €1 600

Purchasing Options

We are using Share-it for processing our payments. Share-it is an international e-commerce company that is part or Digital River (Nasdaq: DRIV). By using share-it! to process our payments, we are able to propose a wide range of payment options.

Credit Cards, Wire Transfer and Checks

Payments via credit cards, bank/wire transfers, checks and cash are integrated into the online order process. To pay using any of these methods, just click on the Buy Online button (in the Edition Comparison section) and proceed with your order. You should specify the preferred payment methods on the first order page as shown in the following image:

Payment types

If you do not want to submit your order and credit card information online, you can fax your order to share-it!. To generate a faxable order form, click on the I prefer to order by fax link at the bottom of the online order page after having entered your information.

Purchase Order

As a corporate client, you can place a purchase order.

Necessary Information

Purchased Orders are handled by Share-it our payment provider. They are not very flexible regarding the information your PO must include. Please have your official order on Company letterhead and include the following information:

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Specifying the Vendor Information

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For United States & Canada For other countries
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Obtaining a written quote

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When filling in the form, provide the precise product name and product ID as shown in the following table:

Product Name Product ID
Enesys RS Data Extension - Group Edition 300312115
Enesys RS Data Extension - Standard Edition 300181728
Enesys RS Data Extension - Enterprise Edition 300182213

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Maintenance & Support

The initial purchase price includes a one year maintenance. The maintenance includes technical support and all minor and major upgrades of Enesys RS Data Extension at no additional cost.

Maintenance Renewal

One month before your maintenance expiration, you will receive an email with all the necessary information for renewing your maintenance. By renewing your maintenance, you will receive a new license key that will let you install all new versions of Enesys RS Data Extension during one more year.

At any time, you can check your maintenance end date by running either the "Client Configuration" tool on a workstation or "Server Configuration" tool on your server.

Enesys Program Group Client Configuration Tool

Consulting Services

Enesys Consulting Online

You don't have the immediate resource for building the reports you need?

You would like to be provided some assistance on specific reports or queries?

You would like us to provide you with a set or reports with optimized queries that you can further customize?

You need some immediate assistance to finish a report or query?

You would like some training for building queries over your SharePoint lists data using Enesys RS Data Extension?

Enesys Consulting Online is certainly made for you. Enesys Consulting Online is a prepaid one hour (or more) consulting service.
Depending on your needs, it can take place through a GoToMeeting session for live assistance or off-site for delivering the reports you need.

Based on our experience we often deliver solutions in a short time. Moreover, if your business problem can't be solved with the available features, we will make our best efforts to include the necessary feature in a coming version.

If you would like additional information or if you have a specific project, please contact our .

Hourly Pricing Volume Discount
Quantity Unit Price
1 to 2 $170 / €120
3 to 9 $150 / €110
10+ $130 / €90

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